BPL 6 Fixture & BPL 6 Match Schedule 2019

Bangladesh Premier League – BPL 6 Fixture and BPL 6 Match Schedule 2019. The most popular domestic cricket tournament BPL fourth  will stars on 5th January 2019 and BCB has declared the final schedule of it. Though the official declaration is still to go. According to schedule, Masrafe’s Comilla Victorians will start the tournament against Rajshahi Kings. On the same day, at 7.00 PM, Rangpur raiders will face Khulna Titans. As like before, every day there will be two matches . First one starts at 2.30 PM and 2nd one starts at 7.00 PM.

BPL 6 Fixture | BPL 6 Match Schedule | Player List | BPL 6 Points Table 2019

For 6th BPL, there are two venues-Sher E Bangla Stadium in Dhaka and Johur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong. The tournament will be in double league method. Total match number is 46. There is 12 days break within 37 days of the tournament. The live telecast of all the matches can be enjoyed through Channel 9. Get BPL 4 Match Fixture and BPL 6 Match Schedule 2019.

Final Schedule For BPL 6 2019

Date Time Match Venue
4-11-2016 2.30 Comilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings Dhaka
4-11-2016 7.00 Rangpur Raiders vs Khulna Titans Dhaka
5-11-2016 2.30 Chittagong vs Barisal Bulls Dhaka
5-11-2016 7.00 ComillaVictorinas vs Dhaka dynamites Dhaka
6-11-2016 2.30 Rangpur Raiders vs Rajshahi Kings Dhaka
6-11-2016 7.00 Barisal Bulls vs Khulna Titans Dhaka
8-11-2016 2.30 Dhaka Dynamites vs Barisal Bulls Dhaka
8-11-2016 7.00 Chittagong Vikings vs Comilla Victorians Dhaka
9-11-2016 2.30 Khulna Titans vs Rajshahi Kings Dhaka
9-11-2016 7.00 Rangpur Raiders vs Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
11-11-2016 2.30 Comilla Victorians vs Barisal Bulls Dhaka
11-11-2016 7.00 Dhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi Kings Dhaka
12-11-2016 2.30 Khulna Titans vs Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
12-11-2016 7.00 Rangpur Raiders vsDhaka Dynamites Dhaka
13-11-2016 2.30 Barisal Bulls  vs Rajshahi Kings Dhaka
13-11-2016 7.00 Comilla Victorians vs Khulna Titans Dhaka
17-11-2016 2.30 Chittagong Vikings vs Dhaka Dynamites Chittagong
17-11-2016 7.00 Barisal Bulls  vs Rangpur Raiders Chittagong
18-11-2016 2.30 Chittagong Vikings vs Rajshahi Kings Chittagong
18-11-2016 7.00 Comilla Victorians vs Rangpur Raiders Chittagong
19-11-2016 2.30 Dhaka Dynamites vs Khulna Titans Chittagong
19-11-2016 7.00 Chittagong Vikings vs Barisal Bulls Chittagong
21-11-2016 2.30 Dhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi Kings Chittagong
21-11-2016 7.00 Comilla Victorians vs Chittagong Vikings Chittagong
22-11-2016 2.30 Khulna Titans vs Rangpur Raiders Chittagong
22-11-2016 7.00 Comilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings Chittagong
25-11-2016 2.30 Rangpur Raiders vs Rajshahi Kings Dhaka
25-11-2016 7.00 Barisal Bulls  vs Khulna Titans Dhaka
26-11-2016 2.30 Comilla Victorians vs Dhaka Dynamites Dhaka
26-11-2016 7.00 Khulna Titans vs Rajshahi Kings Dhaka
27-11-2016 2.30 Barisal Bulls  vs Dhaka Dynamites Dhaka
27-11-2016 7.00 Rangpur Raiders vs Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
29-11-2016 2.30 Comilla Victorians vs Barisal Bulls Dhaka
29-11-2016 7.00 Khulna Titans vs Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
30-11-2016 2.30 Rangpur Raiders vs Dhaka Dynamites Dhaka
30-11-2016 7.00 Barisal Bulls  vs Rajshahi Kings Dhaka
2-12-2016 2.30 Rangpur raiders vs Barisal Bulls Dhaka
2-12-2016 7.00 Dhaka Dynamites vs Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
3-12-2016 2.30 Comilla Victorians vs Khulna titans Dhaka
3-12-2016 7.00 Rajshahi Kings vs Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
4-12-2016 2.30 Comilla Victorians vs Rangpur raiders Dhaka
4-12-2016 7.00 Dhaka Dynamites vs Khulna Titans Dhaka
6-12-2016 2.30 Eliminator (3rd Position vs 4th Position) Dhaka
6-12-2016 7.00 1st Qualifier (1st Position vs 2nd Position) Dhaka
7-12-2016 7.00  BPL 2016 Semi Final Match Dhaka
09-12-2016 6.30 BPL 4 Final Match 2016 Dhaka

BPL 2019 Match Schedule | BPL 6 Match Fixture 2019 (PDF)
BPL 4 Fixture & BPL 4 Match Schedule 2016

The fourth BPL T-20 tournament will start on coming 4th November. Bangladesh cricket board has already completed all the preparation of only one domestic T-20 tournament. The schedule is also finalized.Now only the official declaration is left to go. In the inauguration match, the last year champion Comilla Victorians will play against Rajshahi Kings. On the same day, another match will be held between Rangpur riders and Khulna Titans. All BPL 6 Fixture 2019.

Every day there will be two matches. The 16 matches of the first round will be held in Sher –E- Bangla Stadium. From 4th November to 13th November, these matches will take place. Next 10 matches will be at Johur Ahmed Chowdhury stadium in Chittagong. Each day there is 2 matches and 5 days has 10 matches in Chittagong.

BPL T20 Schedule 2019, Team Squad, Points Table (BPL 6)

Chittagong round will start on 17th November and ends on 25th November. The cricket officials of Chittagong want to change the venue and they want to transfer the matches from Johur Ahmed Chowdhury stadium to M. A. Aziz Stadium. Because, if the matches will be in M. A. Aziz stadium, the audience will be more. It is in the center of the city. How to get BPL 4 Fixture 2016. So, communication for people will easy. But, to make this playground perfect to play, it takes long time care.

Among the 7 teams, there will be 46 matches. And double league matches are 42. There are an eliminator, two qualifying matches and final –altogether more 4 matches. The first two teams from league table go to the qualifier match. BPL 4 Fixture Download. The winner will go to the finale. The defeated team will play for the 2nd qualifier. The team who will be in the 3rd and 4th position will play in eliminator match.There will 46 matches among 7 teams. 42 matches for the double league. More four matches for eliminator, qualifier, and final. First, two teams from league table will play directly for first qualifier match. The winner will go to the finale.

BPL T20 2019 Schedule BPL 6 Fixture

The defeated team will play 2nd qualifier. The 3rd and fourth position team will play eliminator match. The winner from here will play who will lose the first qualifier match. And the winner will play in the final. The eliminator match will be at Sher E Bangla Stadium at 2.30 PM and the first qualifier match is at 7.00 PM. The next day at 7.00 PM there will be 2nd qualifier match. After a break of one day, there will be the finale. There is a reserve day for the final this year also. For any reason , if there is no match on stipulated 9th December, the finale will be next day. The whole tournament will be for 37 days and there are breaks for 12 days. For that, the players have less pressure and enough time for taking care of the field. The day match will start at 2.30 PM and night match will start at 7.00 PM. All the matches will broadcast on Channel 9. Now get BPL 6 Fixture Of Bangladesh Premier League 2019.

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